CCTV system Brisbane

Nothing can work better than CCTV systems if you want to strengthen your security. You can use either wireless or wired cameras, spending on your requirement. Then you can monitor your property remotely. You can have peace of mind regarding your property’s security.

Moreover, when you’re at your property, the security camera system monitors your property without making you worry about anything. That’s why you should choose a good quality CCTV system Brisbane to protect your employees and family.

A home security camera system has become one of the essential household devices. Being in a fast life, we all are extremely busy. Hence, we often spend stressful days due to our family’s security. But with CCTV cameras, we can relax since there are different sets of eyes that monitor everything when we are busy at work.

Wireless Vs. Wired CCTV cameras:

There are many types of security cameras available in the market. You can choose any type depending on your requirement and budget. However, the most popular security cameras are wired or wireless. Hence, you must know about their differences before you purchase one set for yourself.

Whether wired or wireless, every type of security camera has unique qualities that make them a great choice. All you need is to find out each camera type’s specifications that will fulfil your needs. However, you can constantly shift to different kinds of cameras, although it might cost you hundreds of bucks.

Wired CCTV cameras:

Wired security cameras have to wire to install it. You need to hardwire it to an internet connection and a power source in order to make it functional. However, you might need to route two separate cords. Many times, the installation process requires expert involvement.

You will need one separate cord for the internet router and another for the power system. However, many cameras now use Power over Ethernet. That’s why even one wire is enough to install this type of camera. Be it one or two, to make a wired CCTV camera system Brisbane work, you will need to hardwire it.

If you are using wired CCTV cameras, you will need a DVR or NVR. For DVR, i.e. digital video recorder, you will need coaxial cables to attach it to the cameras. But NVR is a networked video recorder. Since it is mainly used with Internet Protocol cameras, you will need PoE cables to fix it.



Wireless CCTV cameras:

It is the latest model in the surveillance system. A wireless security camera doesn’t need wiring to install. It also runs through wireless transmission. You can install these cameras without any expert’s help. All you need is to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. It is a kind of plug-and-play model. It is one of the many reasons that it has become the most popular type of security camera system Brisbane.

Place the wireless cameras anywhere on your property. When you turn on the wifi system, it receives wifi signals. Then the camera records footage and sends it to the cloud server. You can view the footage later from here. Some wireless cameras also have micro SD cards to save a limited amount of footage.

The best part is that you can set up the camera according to your free will. The wireless camera system receives continuous power. Hence, it can record continuously. But you can also set it to record in motion mode. By that, the camera will only record footage when it detects any motion.



Now you have better ideas about both wired and wireless security camera systems. You can decide on any camera for your property as long as it serves your requirement. If you also want to install a CCTV system Brisbane, then it is always better to have some expert guidance.

 1300 Cameras is a qualified company that installs surveillance systems in residential and commercial properties. Talk to our team about all the technical details and ask for a quotation. We are happy to assist you in this regard.