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5 Obvious Signs To Upgrade Your Security Camera System In Brisbane

Do you consider your security camera system an essential component to safeguard your property and loved ones? Are you sure that it is technically advanced? If not, then you must know about upgrading your security camera system in Brisbane.

With the evolution of technology, security threats are changing too. Under this scenario, it’s crucial to regularly assess the effectiveness of your security camera system. Be it office or home, it is essential to periodically assess the usage and effectiveness of the device you have installed on your premises. So, let us read the 5 obvious signs that call for upgrading your security camera system, ensuring enhanced protection and peace of mind.

1. All you get is poor video quality and resolution

If you could carefully notice the first issue with your old system, it fails to give you a good quality video. The video quality and resolution of your security cameras diminish over time. All you can see is grainy or pixelated video footage that does not help to identify intruders or details in critical situations. Get in touch with experts in security camera systems in Brisbane and ensure high-resolution cameras to help make the recognition and investigation process easier.

2. Limited coverage and blind spots fail to serve the purpose

When you notice carefully, many areas in your property are not adequately covered by your previously installed system. There remain some blind spots that can become vulnerable points for potential intruders to invade and misuse. Ask for professional installation of security camera systems in Brisbane to cover all those areas that usually get missed. Include additional cameras strategically positioned that ensure comprehensive coverage of your property.

3. Outdated technology and features are of no use

Security cameras of today’s time come with numerous benefits. Improved night vision, intelligent motion detection, and remote viewing capabilities are some of the latest features that have resulted due to technological advancement. If your current system lacks these features, you should surely go for an upgrade. Again, modern security cameras offer seamless integration with smartphones and other devices. Thus you can monitor any corner of your property from anywhere and enjoy peace of mind.

4. Inadequate storage capacity leads to missing out on crucial video data

If your security system has limited space, it is likely that you will lose crucial video data in the process. So it is best to go with the cloud storage options. Talk to the security camera installation experts about specialised storage systems and get customised storage options to future-proof your security camera system.

5. Old systems are difficult to maintain and upkeep

Outdated and old security camera systems require frequent maintenance. They experience regular technical issues and, over time, become challenging to operate. New and advanced security camera systems in Brisbane are designed to be easy with the users and require minimal maintenance. With the latest features and advanced techniques built up in the system, you can ensure smooth operations and save more time and effort in the long run.


Upgrading your security camera system is about improving the video quality and ensuring a secure lifestyle. If you also want to enjoy enhanced surveillance capabilities, connect with 1300 Cameras. With an expert installation of security camera systems in Brisbane, you can experience the latest advancements in security camera technology. Call the experts to ask for a free consultation.

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