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As crime rates rise, so does the need for security measures to protect ourselves and others. People often confuse the two as the need for security and surveillance systems grows. There is a lot of overlap in the definition of surveillance and security cameras, as most people use them interchangeably. However, there can be differences between the two, and you should be able to understand the difference between a Home CCTV in Brisbane for surveillance and security.

How Are Surveillance Cameras Different From Security Cameras?

Surveillance cameras are mainly concerned with surveillance or surveillance of people and property. It is installed to prevent crimes and capture images when crimes occur. Surveillance cameras typically operate over an IP network that connects the camera to monitors and digital recording devices at different locations.

The main drawback of security cameras is that while they can observe a crime, they don’t always tell you that a crime is in progress. This often means that the crime has already happened by the time you learn about it. In some cases, a considerable amount of time has passed before action, and the perpetrator has already fled. Security cameras for CCTV camera systems Brisbane rely on someone watching the property at the time of the crime to catch the person actually committing the crime. And even if the location where the footage is being monitored is far from the crime scene, it can be too late.

On the other hand, many of the elements that make up surveillance cameras also apply to security cameras. Security camera footage is often transmitted to locations that individuals can monitor. Also, while many surveillance cameras are connected to recorders, many modern systems are connected through a network of switches in the same manner as surveillance cameras.

In many cases, the difference between security and surveillance cameras is that they are part of a complete security system. This means that the camera system has its own AI capabilities built into it that can send sirens, flashing lights and alerts to a smartphone app or his 24/7 control room. CCTV camera systems Brisbane can also be linked and combined with access control alarms and smart security alarm systems. An individual can configure it with various sensors such as motion detection, glass break alarm, window opening sensor, door stop alarm, etc. Some systems are even more comprehensive, with flood, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

When it comes to surveillance, best home security camera system in Brisbane with modern AI usually offer more options than security cameras. Alternatively, you can choose to self-monitor. AI cameras get smarter every year, offering line break detection, overrun siren and light triggers, and warnings via an app. Alternatively, you can professionally monitor your store with the help of a security company. The main advantage of having professional monitoring is that a dedicated security service can see this, so you don’t have to monitor your premises every second of the day. The only downside to this is that you have to pay a monthly subscription fee for this service. No wonder most business owners consider Home CCTV in Brisbane essential as they help deter crime and alert you to crimes in progress. It also helps when a crime occurs by capturing footage that helps catch the culprit. But apart from that, it keeps employees productive and contributes to a safe and comfortable working environment. Get in touch with 1300 Cameras for highly professional Security services to not only save money, but they also help reassure your customers and improve operations.