CCTV cameras Brisbane

CCTV cameras are one of the most significant ways to strengthen property security. This added layer of protection eliminates any outside threat and keeps monitoring the people inside the property to ensure their safety and security.

There are myriad CCTV cameras available in the market. Choosing the best one seems challenging when you lack the required knowledge. Before purchasing any CCTV cameras Brisbane, you should be aware of all the different security cameras you can find in the industry.

These different types of cameras have unique specifications. It will be best if you choose the security camera depending on your property type, whether commercial or residential. Since every property has special requirements, select a surveillance camera that serves your needs well.

The popular types of CCTV cameras:

After a tiring day at business, you want to return home knowing your business is safe. Similarly, when you leave for the office in the morning, you should be worry-free that everyone in your home is safe and secure.

This sense of security gives us peace of mind. After that, we can focus more on the work in our hands. It increases our productivity and creativity.

In today’s surveillance system, you get a camera and a recorder. The recorder recodes footage through the camera lens. The owner has access to this security footage, and they can watch the recorded footage via their mobile screen.

Most of today’s security cameras come alongside specific apps. Creating an account and logging in to that app allows us to monitor the camera footage remotely. This advanced technology has made our life smooth and worry-free.

Here, we have mentioned the differences between IP & Analogue CCTV camera systems that you can choose for your home and office, depending on your requirements. Take a look at the details. It will help you to have a better understanding of how these cameras work and what their limitations are.

IP security camera system:

Internet Protocol camera systems are the most advanced surveillance systems available in the market. The ability to record footage in high resolution and allow viewing it in real time are some of the best features these cameras have.

The IP camera systems use PoE or Power over Ethernet. The camera receives power and data from Network Video Recorder through this technology using a single cable. Hence, you can plug and play the cameras whenever needed. This feature makes CCTV camera installation Brisbane easier than before. It can be done by nearly anyone now.

Advantages of IP camera system:

Disadvantages of IP camera system:

Analogue camera system:

An analogue camera system is one of the first-phase security systems—these types of cameras record footage in analogue format. Later the footage is transmitted to a Digital Video Recorder.

DVR converts the analogue footage to digital format and stores it in a hard drive for playback in the future. We also have a modern DVR, which allows live camera footage monitoring. You can find a CCTV installer Brisbane to set up this camera system or do it yourself.

Advantages of the Analogue camera system:

Disadvantages of the Analogue camera system:

Having advanced CCTV cameras Brisbane will help strengthen your home or office security. Apart from human security forces in commercial properties, sound-quality surveillance systems play a massive role in ensuring your employees and families are safe in the office and at home. Especially for working partners with toddlers and teenagers, having a security system gives them assurance that they are safe.

1300 Cameras is an excellent CCTV installation company that has strengthened residential and commercial property security over the years. Talk to our expert team to know more about what type of security camera will work best for you. We are honest with our services. Hence, you can be assured of having a quality security system at a very affordable budget.