Home Security Camera Installation Brisbane

4% of Australian properties have experienced a real attempt or attack by burglars in the past years. However, the figure is relatively low. But you never know if your home is the next. That‘s why you need home security camera installation Brisbane.

But even after spending lots of money on CCTV cameras, people don’t get the results they should. It is because people make some trivial mistakes during the installation process.

Here we have informed you what mistakes you must not make when installing a security system on your property.

Be careful not to make these mistakes during CCTV installation:

Below are some vital mistakes property owners make during security system installation. Know why you should not make these mistakes.

Location of installation:

Areas of sight are the most important factor in deciding the efficiency of a CCTV system. If you install it at a place where it does not have a clear view of the area, it will become useless.

That’s why you decide on the installation location carefully. Make sure no big trees or construction can block the view of the security system. Then, you will be well aware of all the incidents on your property. 

Height of installation:

If you want your camera to record good footage over an expanded area, place it at the right height. Putting a camera too close to the ground will block its view, and the camera will not record as much footage as it should.

Also, putting a CCTV camera at low heights makes it vulnerable. Burglars can destroy it quickly in an attempt to enter the property. You should keep the security system out of anyone’s reach. Place the camera at a good height to protect the system and the property.

Power backup:

Thefts and burglaries happen most when there is a power outage. The reason is that, at that time, most houses’ security systems have been turned off. These can become one of the most vulnerable moments for any property and residents.

Don’t take such a chance. Install a power backup source on your property. Also, connect our CCTV cameras to the power backup system. Only then home security camera systems Brisbane will keep recording footage even when there is a power cut in your neighbourhood. Thus you can relax about the chances of encountering an imposter trying to invade your property.

Low-quality camera:

The low-quality camera might be cheap, and you can save some bucks in your budget. But it doesn’t serve the purpose of capturing footage in clear picture resolution.

Maintenance for the low-quality camera is also high as you must repair it more frequently than the high-quality one. As a result, your expense gets more enormous than your budget for the repair cost. 

A low-quality camera is also insufficient to record footage with precise details. Thus, it will also hamper the security purpose. You certainly don’t want to put your family in danger.

Alert activation:

Sitting in front of the monitor for an entire day is not possible. That’s why you must have an alert system in your CCTV camera. If anyone tries to break into your property, the best home security camera system Brisbane will send you a signal to notify you about immediate danger. Thus you can inform the police and your family within time before any accidents take place. 

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